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The Foundation Jacques Van Rolleghem
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Objectives of Foundation Jacques van Rolleghem

The Foundation Jacques van Rolleghem (FJVR) aims at: 

"By promoting the quality of prosthetic and orthotic care for people with disabilities in the broadest sense, the Foundation Jacques van Rolleghem (FJVR) aims at improving the quality of their life and social integration in terms of medical, paramedical, therapeutic, social and economic levels".         

The FJVR wants to contribute to the field of prosthetic and orthotic care by providing appropriate support for basic and ongoing education and, by rewarding specialists who represent a real added value through their creative contributions. The FJVR also wants to promote research in products development, a philosophical concept! 

It aims as well to stimulate the dissemination of information, promote communication, and make documentation available in all present and future forms.

Of course, it also wants to support all initiatives aimed at these objectives. 

The activities mentioned above should not be considered as limiting! 

To realize this objective, the FJVR can award prizes.