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Actions: The Togolese Dolls

The objective of the FJVR is that you adopt this beautiful African doll in your family for the price of 18,00 €.

This doll was created by a Togolese Cooperative promoting local handicraft within less resourced communities.

The aim of this sale is to obtain funds that will enable our Belgian ortho-prosthetists to deliver short courses in different African countries, in specific sectors related to different pathologies.

In 2016, members of the FJVR, in collaboration with the Prosthetic and Orthotic Association Ethiopia (POA-E), delivered in Addis Ababa a workshop on neuropathic foot treatment by means of footwear for a group of Ethiopian prosthetic and orthotic professionals.


The FJVR plans to carry on with its training activities but, as we do not receive any governmental support, we greatly need yours.

If you wish to participate in this good cause, then your support is most welcome.


Our bank account is:
Bank KBC Kontich-Centrum
Foundation Jacques Van Rolleghem
IBAN: BE174155 1094 8121
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F-JVR is recognized in the Belgian Official Gazette   06/09/2001 / n ° 16273-16286 / 2001